GOD DAMN IT (+18 content)

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    • GOD DAMN IT (+18 content)

      So i wanted to register myself on a page and when i got to the part where i had to confirm it by gmail i found out somebody sent me a message trough my application and since i wanted to be an artist i opene it just to find a message in german that said "im searching for a man to have sex with tonight" (according to google translate) and a link that sent me directly to a PORN PAGE. The user: katrina, got registered 1 hour ago wich means she/he only registered here to send somebody that message, i know this shoudnt happen because its a freaking half life opposing force and blue shift remake page!!!

      btw this has nothing to do with me or my searching history because even if some people here might think im lying (even my friends dont believe me) I DONT WATCH PORN

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    • We are aware of it. Thanks for reporting though, guys :)
      The email account was compromised somehow - the details of which I do not know because I do not manage the account. But regardless, it is being fixed and we apologize for the awkward situation.

      For future reference: All of our communications are strictly in English and we would never mention sex or send you weird links
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    • Those dumb scammers are really trying everything, aren't they?
      It's not like users think there's something weird about getting sex requests in a message from a modders forum or anything. :rolleyes:
      There's no point in asking me about Tripmine Studios current sound design.
      I'm not really a team member anymore. I just have the banner. Just FYI.
      I do still get some insight though, but I'm not telling anyone. MUHAHAHAHA!

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