Night vision in OBM?

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    • Night vision in OBM?

      So far I'm very impressed with the team's hard work
      on the lighting engine. The reflection, shadow is impressive, and the best of all is how the flashlight interact with the environment and hand animation. However, I was wondering how does all of this work with the HECU's night vision goggles. I personally don't really like not being able to see very far in Opposing Force.
    • Nightvision is not final in OBM yet. It´s true that nightvision cannot reach that far as flashlight, but it at least make you see most of your nearby surroudings, while flashlight is still being limited to the light cone and where you aim with it. Everything have it´s con and pros and I think that´s allright :). I think you will be able to see a bit more further compared to original Opposing Force, but also don´t expect miracles ;).

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