Guard Duty extra chapter?

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    • Guard Duty extra chapter?

      Should Chumtoad Lair need a chapter of it own? 6
        No (4) 67%
        Yes (2) 33%
      Having a thoughts on my mind that original blue shift had a lot of easter egg, most notably is the Chumtoad and itself had it lair at the Focal Point chapter. I don't know if you guys going to add this to the remake, if yes it will be great, especially a possibility of a boss fight from a big Chumtoad like what Gonarch, that will be interesting since Xen levels in original blue shift is the ONLY one that represent the borderworld better than half-life and opposing force. Adding another part of the chapter in remake doesn't ruined the game. Don't you guys think is a good idea? If can, please reply.

      Thank you.

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