Otis VA (but I'm 18)

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    • Otis VA (but I'm 18)

      So, as you know, I wasn't legally an adult when I made my first app 2 years ago, but now I'm 18 and ready to give it another go.

      I voiced Otis in Black Mesa: Blue Shift, another remake of Half-LIfe: Blue Shift, and am hoping to lend my voice to another project that could use it! I've never had a paid gig, but I've gotta start somewhere. I personally have no problem with doing both projects, as they both reimagine the original in different ways. It'd be a milestone in my VA career, along with BM:BS and Postal 4. I've already spoken with some of your team members, which seem like a great bunch and a pleasure to work with.

      My discord is UnstoppableGiant#2537 in case you need to reach me. I also made a demo reel in the form of a recording of a line from Opposing Force as a frame of reference. Contact me on discord to receive it.
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