The art style of operation black Mesa

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    • The art style of operation black Mesa

      Hi I noticed something odd about the art style in operation black Mesa. It looks a little too realistic. What I mean by this Is seeing some of the models Look out to place for half-life franchise. And I feel like some people Have the same feeling too. I was hoping you can make something similar to the black mesa models. other then that I feel like this is going to be a pretty good recreation of half life opposing force. :thumbup:
    • That's fair, but to me I feel like there still is that "cartoony" aspect to the character designs. Especially with Vortigaunts, they look fairly realistic... but not TOO realistic.
      You can view the model on Ted Boyadzhiev's artstation. It looks realistic enough for a remake. I wanted to put it on here but its a bit too big for forums. In fact, up close atleast, a lot of models still have that cartoony charm that you'd expect from half life.
      Signatures?!?!? Who needs them!
      Maybe we all do... :|

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