Operation: Greenlight

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    • Operation: Greenlight

      Greetings everyone!

      It's unbelievable, but the long-awaited "G-Day" is finally here! Operation Black Mesa just stepped into the Greenlight and now, it's time for you to decide, whatever you want the game being distributed through the Steam or not.

      Don't worry about game getting the price tag. Operation Black Mesa will always be free of charge! What's even better, aside of being free, the game would be available for download through Steam, offering all the goodies like automatic updates, SteamWorks implementation and much more! I bet you all wish this to happen, right? So go here and give us your vote!

      That's not all! Along with the Greenlight, we have released some new media. I hope you will enjoy some new screenshots showcasing the level design and a new model of M4A1, which will be optional replacement of MP5, just like it was in case of HD-pack for the original game.


      New website!

      Step right up to our brand new website design! from yours truly, Uphys and Edfake!

      Get yourself familiar with all the new features, About page, Media page and project pages! also don't forget to read the FAQ and Forum Guidelines before posting!

      Want to help out with the mod? Excellent! Check out our Jobs page, and If you believe you qualify, read the Application Guidelines and then post in our Application forums.

      Any website issues? Broken links or images? If so, Hit me or Uphys with a pm and we will sort it out asap! Make sure to include your browser name, version and date of error. All help is appreciated! (This website was built on Google chrome)

      Well that's it, Hope you enjoy the new website as much as we enjoyed making it!

      And always, have fun and stay tuned! There is something else in the pipeline for the near future. This is just the beggining.

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    • RE: Operation: Greenlight

      I voted for it as soon as I was aware that it was on greenlight.

      And this is excellent, because I have previously no knowledge as to the status of either mod (I knew they existed but I had never seen any information on them). Seeing a taste of how far along they are is really really groovy! :D
    • RE: Operation: Greenlight

      Hopefully, this can make a lot of people even more attention and getting ready to vote on the project during at the end of the year. When MOTY is coming again. However, the game is always rigged just like in real-life. When those Elite using money to buy the election and making the entire people Believing that is all hopeless. Anyway, hopefully this can make even more people to notice about this and keep it up.
    • RE: Operation: Greenlight

      Zaros wrote:

      Gonna make a steam account later just to vote this up. :P

      EDIT: Crap, turns out I gotta buy something first before I can vote on GreenLight. Might buy HL1 I guess.

      Not gonna lie... that entire post made me facepalm so hard I think I almost crushed my entire skull in :eek:

      Thanks for the vote though! I'm glad that this project is something that can lead people to join steam and lead to more sales of Half-Life! :smile:

      Also, I would just like to make it very clear for fans that just because OBM is up on greenlight it does not mean it will necessarily be released soon, or even soon after it's officially greenlit.
      It simply means that it will be released on steam and receive updates after it's release.
      Just don't want anyone getting disappointed from any confusion or misunderstanding of the development status :wink:

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