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      Hello! My name is Gavin Kibler. It is my dream to do voice acting, and I can do a variety of Voice ranges, notably the POSTAL DUDE from the POSTAL series, and Nathan Explosion and Pickles from Metalocalypse/dethklok. I've had some, but very little experience in the voice acting department. I haven't done anything for any major projects, or any projects at all, but I am simply asking for a chance to prove that I can be a valuable addition to your team, and recreate Opposing force. Please respond to this when you have a chance. If you need any audio proof, please do not hesitate to ask. (Though it would be great if you included what you wanted to hear.) I think I'd be fit for Otis, the security guard. (The annoying security guard that you meet in chapter two of Opposing force).

      Otis Voice Samples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XJlG3x2KCc&feature=youtu.be (The audio sample is pretty quiet. Turn up your volume. I forgot to push the microphone down when I was recording with my headset. Sorry for the inconvenience!)
      Gavin Kibler

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