As my username says...

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    • As my username says...

      I just want to say thank you.
      I've been wanting to play this pair DLC's for as long as i can remember, but again the graphics of the original ones weren't the best.
      I want to thank you developing team for giving your time to make us, the community happy, i hope your mod/game does very well.

      Good luck developing team, and im sure your mod/game is going to be a huge hit.

      and as amnesia said, take your time guys (and gals), I am thankful enough that you guys are doing this for us.

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    • RE: As my username says...

      seriously, were all super appreciative of all that you are doing (some might not be anywhere near as patient or understanding of how developing a game in the way that you guys are goes) but still super glad and appreciative of your hard work and dedication to making a pretty overlooked game prettier better and souce-engine-(ier?) seriously, you guys (and gals) are great!

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