Hi, my (nick)name is tuqueque and I'd like to collaborate as a 3D Artist & Animator!

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    • Hi, my (nick)name is tuqueque and I'd like to collaborate as a 3D Artist & Animator!

      My real name is Robin Marín (but I prefer to be addressed as tuqueque)... I'm 31, I have more than 13 years of experience in 3D modeling and animation and I'd like to offer my skills in this cool project!... I'm also a huge fan of Half-Life, Opposing Force, Blue Shift... and for what is worth, Left 4 dead (1 & 2).

      Here's my latest demo reel (2015):

      I worked with 3Ds Max in the past, and 5 years ago I switched to Blender... All you see in the demo reel above is Blender!... I'm super "fluent" with modeling, lighting, materials, texturing, animation...

      I'm starting to delve in the games world with the Blender Game Engine and I'm loving it... I've done a couple of tiny assignments (paid work) for small clients and it's been really easy to "port" my knowledge to the game world. I see myself really useful with assets/weapon/character modeling, texturing and animation.

      Here's a couple of screen shots of my humble assignments... I know they don't look like big deal, but I also know that they don't show my skills fully. Do me a test assignment and you'll see.


      I'd like to collaborate on both projects, Operation Black Mesa and Guard Duty.

      My Steam profile ID (ertuqueque): http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198079391538/

      Thanks for your time!

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