Zack Anderson - 3D Artist

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    • Zack Anderson - 3D Artist

      Hi, I return to you all with free time!

      I previously got on board the team but decided to drop because I was busy in school. Now I'm taking a gap year and have much more time to spare.

      I started modelling when I was 12 or so in Blender. I'm only 19 now, but I figure I'm pretty ahead for my age. It would be an honor to work with you guys again!

      I'm familiar with the game design workflow, high to low poly baking, materials( PBR and diffuse/spec), textures, topology for deforming objects, and the lowest amount of vertices for static objects.

      I work with: Zbrush, Maya, Photoshop/Illustrator, Marvelous Designer and Xnormal typically.

      Here is some of my work:

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