Types of people you will find in the forums

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    • Types of people you will find in the forums

      *The Advertising People ( Idioticus Lupus )

      These &#%* are the ones that get your attention all the time. They advertise shitty brands with the potential of earning any people to buy their ''product''
      -Sub category

      The thread advertiser
      The comment advertiser ( comments random bullshit in hopes you click the link )

      *Normal People ( Type of primate )

      These people are everyday caring people interested in the mods. They comment rarely but sometimes they want to pitch in with the team.

      *Admins ( Invicibilus God )

      They posses powers and have power over the system making them powerful

      *Fanatic group ( Waitus never happenus )

      This group is very rare with one goal, to know when the next update is. They do not have any specialty but unlike the others they comment 24/7
      “Death solves all problems - no man, no problem.”-Joseph Stalin

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