What's a Brush? - Chris's Prop Devblog

    • Hey hey, it's been a second. Possibly even a minute.

      Stuff happened, as stuff's been known to do on occasion. Additionally, progress was made, as is our job. Here's a variety of progress for your viewing pleasure.

      Some of you may recognize these doors. The rest of you probably spend your time contributing to society. Either way, we really like them and found our own version would be useful. Not shown here is an old, rusty, dusty, crusty variant, for areas where maintenance is a bit lacking.

      Next up, these lockers were initially made for Guard Duty's Insecurity chapter, but they've already taken residence in other areas as well. Some days you need a blue locker for your kevlar, other times you slap the color green on it and suddenly it's worthy of making your MP5s stand up. We all know how that goes. Again, not pictured here but still existent is a nice cream color, since we all love our nice creams.

      dear unnamed bleach company,
      dont sue pls

      Here's a big manhole hatch thing. It's kinda scary. Imagine this thingy falling on your foot, no sir no thankies. It's been known to keep voltigores under wraps.

      I also haven't run out of pretty potty props, in case you were wondering.

      Here's a couple high-poly models. It's what things look like before they get torn apart, kicking and screaming to be put in-engine. It's a shame that game engines can't really handle them but they're still nice to see sometimes.

      That's all for the moment, but I'll get back to you guys with some more props soon. Can't show you my entire bag all at once, y'know?

      "120% sorry!"
    • Great work!

      Watching YouTube series like Corridor Crew and reading these developer blogs have really helped exemplify just how much time, precision, artistry and dedication goes into the various fields of digital design. It is really admirable, and actually very inspiring, to hear that everyone on the team tries to spread out and shoulder some of the workload, even if it isn't in their area of expertise.

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