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  • Available positions

    Calling All Interested Research Associates

    Are you, a friend, or relative interested in joining Tripmine Studios? We are looking to expand and bring on new, talented individuals to join us in recreating the classics "Half-Life Opposing Force" and "Half-Life Blue Shift".

    Please note all positions offered currently are not paid positions.

    Please note all positions offered require a minimum of 7 hours of work per week on average.

    Make sure you have read >>our application guidelines<< before applying!

    If passionate about the Half-Life universe, send an application to

    Note: Due to system performance requirements for development tools, it is important that your PC have at minimum 24GB of RAM, with 32GB+ being recommended, if you are applying for any of the following positions:
    -Level Designer
    -3D Artist

    Available Positions

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