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  • Forum Guidelines

    Please read and keep the following rules to ensure a convenient community experience for yourself and others.

    Do not
    • post, link to or encourage any content or activity which is illegal in your country or the country this site is hosted in.
    • harass, threaten or abuse other members of this community. Treat everyone with the same respect you want for yourself, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, political views or other proprietary attributes.
    • post or link to offensive, objectionable or non-worksafe content.
    • register multiple accounts in order to evade bans, impersonate staff or abuse the scoring system.
    • advertise any product, service, website or organization by linking or referring to it, except in your signature.
    • spam. This includes parroting, useless short posts (e.g. "lol") and other means to up your post count.
    • derail (i.e. off-topic) threads, especially announcements or important information by the staff.
    • double post (besides bumping a thread for an important update). If you need to add / correct something, use the edit button.
    • disobey staff (Administrator, Developer, Moderator) directives.
    • exploit any of the forum's features (e.g. report) beyond their given purpose.
    • comment on application threads which are not your own.

    Please try to
    • post in coherent English.
    • include useful information or content in your posts.
    • give your posts structure by using paragraphs, making them easier and more pleasant to read.
    • only quote what is necessary. Don't quote large images, lengthy posts or whole posts directly above yours.
    • use the search function before posting. Redundant threads will be locked instantly.

    General Info
    • You can browse the whole site, browse and rate content while logged in.
    • Signatures can be as high as 150px or less. Larger signatures will be cut off.
    • Posts made in the "Dormitories" forum will not increase your post count.

    Thank you, and have a safe and productive day.

    By using this forum you agree to all the terms and conditions above.
    The Tripmine Studios team reserves the right to remove your presence from this forum at any given time at our own discretion.

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