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      No worries, you contribute by having feedback and being a fan! And thats awesome!

      Anyways, Im Edfake, le programmer, also helped build the functionality of this we site based of uphys design, so just hit us with pm's are email us if anything comes long....

      Next person!
      Programming Possible Problem's Probable Patches Post-Haste
    • RE: Welcome! - Introduction thread

      Hi, I'm Anthony. Sweet as sugar, even though I'm cruel dictator and I torturing everyone on the team.

      Not rly, I'm rly sweet so don't be worry about contacting me about... everything. If it's something I can't help you with, I will forward it to someone else on the team, if needed ;) :*
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      Hello everyone! I'm .RK and I'm more of a random fan of the Half-Life series.

      I consider myself much newer to it than most people, having only discovered it in mid 2011.

      That being said, I am attempting to make my own small contributions to it (including developing a small map expansion for the Black Mesa mod).

      And I am very excited to see what the future holds for the Half Life Community.
    • RE: Welcome! - Introduction thread

      Sup guys?

      Im ZitaX. Ive been following the OBM project for years and was even involved in it during OBMS prehistory from about 2006-2008 when there used to be a whole diffirent team with all diffirent stuff. Thoose were the days ...

      I like to draw and be creative with all kinds of stuff. I also do a tiny bit of 3D and movie work.
    • RE: Welcome! - Introduction thread

      Hi. I'm MSKyuuni, and I take a great interest in older games. I try to offer helpful feedback to mostly anything, though sometimes I fail to see major points.

      I voice act for some mods and am composing for another, though I want to be able to work in 3D visuals.
    • RE: Welcome! - Introduction thread

      mrsugar wrote:

      Hi, I'm Anthony. Sweet as sugar (...) I'm rly sweet

      For anyone else wondering what he meant with that, the left person is him:


      Anyway, I've been tracking this project for a few months now after I got aware of Half-Life through the release of Black Mesa. Since then Half-Life/BM is my favorite video game! :)

      I'm a software developer and love everything related to software. Also, I'm a Linux user (and hate Micro$oft :P).
      Liking Open Source software, and knowing nothing about Half-Life, I was blown away when I saw what a team of hobbyist game developers accomplished with Black Mesa, I actually couldn't believe what I was seeing just in the intro tram scene.
      (Yes, I know BM isn't OSS, but it's quite similar in terms of that many people create an awesome project together in their free time.)
    • RE: Welcome! - Introduction thread

      lol thats a pretty awesome photo! Hope more of us can join in on times like that some day!! :D

      For my introduction, I'm Brandon "EvilGoodGuy" Smith. I started out on the Guard Duty team, but have been a part of both projects for quite a while before the merge into TripMine Studios.
      My main role is as a level designer for both projects, but I also make small props and simple textures; as well as do tons of various activities to help the mod along, such as compiling props, organizing assets, improving old assets, etc.

      Feel free to critique the hell out of any screenshots that are posted of my work! The fans feedback means a lot to me! (good or bad, as long as its genuine) :)
    • RE: Welcome! - Introduction thread

      Hi, I am Stoudemire from Singapore. I have being on the forum of the Operation Black Mesa and Guard Duty separately during in the Late 2008, before they finally merge together in 2012. Back then, I still a little boy that didn't have anything on it mind only supporting some of underrated project, Hopefully they can survive for the years to come. However, in the end is worthless.

      Now I am a 20 Year old Youngster that wondering around with Opinion and debating about the project what will have and defending on project, when any trolls that try to discouraging for their own enjoyment that will try to broke off the team.

      But, the scums in real life that try to rule your life in Europe are destroying your freedom for selling them to the Debt Slavery. Which is why, I am worried about whether the developer will abandoned the Project or not.

      That is what that the team really have to united together as they have being through wind, rain and thunderstorm. Praying that could over, But I guess, it won't be that easily as those parasite is probably going to make it last forever by stealing your hard earn precious money from your accounts like they did it again in few days ago by Declaring the Bank Holiday on the Cyprus looting everything, that you have be earned with blood, tear and sweat.

      Anyway, long story short, I will try to Repeat don't let it died, especially now that you come through all the way. Hopefully, you guys can come even biggest surprise in the future. Good Luck. =)
    • RE: Welcome! - Introduction thread

      Hi my name is Keka. Im into level design and sometimes i create some small props like dices and balls which gives me the opportunity to push my skills.
      Thanks to all the fans out there for your support, every voice pushes us forward, so dont stay quiet and raise it!


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